We'll help you find a contractor to add a room to your home.

Sometimes all you need is to add a room to have a perfect home. And many times, adding just a room costs less than buying another house and moving and relocating to a different neighborhood and a different school district and adding to your commute time. Here we will tell you about contractors who are licensed, bonded and insured and will do the job right of adding a room whether it's a bedroom or living room or office.

In the video below, the Best Buys TV Show on KCOP-TV and www.AlanBestBuys.com visited one of our clients -- a homeowner who has already remodeled much of his home adding new tile and wood floors, and completing a kitchen makeover. And now, a room is being added that will include space for his laundry machines, a closet and utility room, and of course additional living space. There are also extra windows and a skylight included in the room addition. He found his contractor for the room addition through us and we are proud of the work and proud that he says he is getting great service and workmanship at a good price. In his particular case, we are converting a covered patio into a full room addition with windows, and a skylight that opens to allow fresh air in -- and this skylight has a sensor that will shut when there is rain. This room addition also gives this couple additional living space and opens their kitchen to what might be described as a family room while it expands their kitchen area.

In the video below, www.AlanBestBuys.com talks to a homeowner who had a dining room added to her home and also expanded, remodeled and improved the kitchen, added new flooring, built ins, plumbing, electrical, and so much more.  It just about created a whole new home.

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